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What is a Personal Trainer?

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What is a Personal Trainer?

What is a Personal Trainer?

Working over a decade in the Industry, this question creates a common confusion and people are not always clear on what does the Personal Trainer do.

Do you know the answer for this..?

If yes, that is fantastic, if not sure don’t worry you are not alone. If I had to describe it in one sentence I would say this. Personal trainers are responsible for applying fundamental exercise science and fitness program design principles in order to achieve a desired level of fitness or health goals of clients in a public or private setting. But wait, there is more to it!

A personal trainer does not just show people how to do the exercises well and safely or motivating the client for an hour. He or she also has great skills and years of experience to help clients reach a fitness level that is appropriate for their body. Gradually increase workout each time tailored to their levels of fitness. He or she will push clients beyond failure; the only way to achieve visible results.

According to a study by the Michigan State University people work out harder and longer with a partner  (in this case a personal trainer!) who is more skilled and keeps verbal motivation. The study also says that this person is 40% fitter then you and kinda mean!

To add to last bit I have to say there is no shortage in there in my sessions.

One of the biggest problems to achieve your goals is willpower. Good personal trainers know this and they give constantly support and encouraging the new client.  Setting short or long term benchmark and using tools like fitness testing, measurements or setting performance related goals. ‘Self confidence’ and ‘good looks’ comes as a perk of continuous hard work.

He or she will supply nutritional plan that is specific to the client.  When the client is sticking to the plan the desired result will be seen rapidly. Because you can exercise all you want if your diet is poor can only provide poor results. A good personal trainer makes the session a rewarding experience, something to look forward to. Personal trainers are often become the client’s best buddies.

Why not check out my client testimonials and see what they had to say about our relationship?

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