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Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit this Holiday Season

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The period between Christmas and New Year is the most damaging to people’s health and to their waistlines! It’s a time to relax, party and enjoy the mince pies.

Research shows that the average weight gain around holidays can top out to a shocking 12 lbs.

How about following 10 simple strategies to pre-empt any stress and enjoy the holiday in a healthier, and fitter way?

1. Daily detox

Kick start each day with a large glass of water with half a fresh lemon squeezed into it to revitalize the body and mind. It doesn’t just reduce appetite but also cleanses the liver, helps digestion, reduces bloating and wards off stress. It’s also akalizing and an excellent source of vitamin C & electrolytes.

2. Snack before heading out

Never head to a Christmas party with an empty stomach. If you do, you set yourself up for a total calorie carnage. Eat a small amount of salad, fruit or nuts to increase the feeling of fullness and prevent cravings.

3. Find ‘me-time’

Be completely selfish, prioritise a bit of time each day that is all about You. Read a book, go to the gym, meditate or for the ultimate luxury  – detox– start your day with dry brushing, take a bath; make it extra potent by adding in some soothing Epsom salts or essential oils.

4. Stay hydrated and drink before each meal

Getting through the holidays can feel like running a race. When your schedule heats up and you forget to keep hydrated you sense false hunger patterns. Many people mistake thirst for hunger; If you have a glass of water before a meal you can avoid overeating and remember: only eat when you feel hungry, not thirsty!

5. Plan easy – peasy

Instead of ditching workouts completely, have a simple time-efficient option on hand. Studies have shown that small doses of exercise, 15 – 20 minutes – can result in temporary mood improvement and keep metabolism revved up, and when the New Year arrives, your resolutions won’t seem like such a long shot! Why not involve family and friends too? Take a winter walk, go sledging, go to a fitness dance class, wall climbing, yoga or ice-skating. Try out something new! Shift the focus away from food for a change and help create new and active holiday traditions.

6. Start your day with a protein rich breakfast

Recent studies conducted at the Purdue University suggested that eating protein at breakfast has the highest impact on satiation. What’s more, eating a protein rich breakfast can lead to a 28% decrease in hunger throughout the day. Just think of those negative calories!

7. Reach for the Turkey

Pile your plate up with meat and vegetables first. Filling up with a substantial amount of clean food first, your total calorie intake will reduce. By the time you reach the potatoes and pudding your stomach receives the stretch reflex, sending signals to the brain, that you have eaten enough.

8. Choose ‘fitter’ drinks

Did you know a standard glass of white wine can contain as many calories as a piece of chocolate? You can still get tipsy and have fun by having a ‘healthier’ option. Brand new studies shows that even infrequent drinking can increase the midriff. Did you know that adults on average drink 8 glasses / day, which adds up to over 200 units over the average holiday. Instead of having high calorie options reach out to a low calorie option such as Gin, Vodka or use mixers.

9. Supplement your diet

Between overindulging, late nights and the general stress of the holiday season – there is a toll on the immune system. It’s certainly time to take organic multivitamins and supplements with a few essentials that will support the immune system like – vitamin D, vitamin C and probiotics to aid digestion.

10. Think 10 before 10

Make it a mission to do 10 minutes of some sort of healthy activity before 10 in the morning, of course if you can get out of bed. Go for a quick walk, stretch, do some squats and press ups, fit in a few yoga poses, take a dog for a walk or chase the kids around the house. You will feel so much better for the rest of the day!

Follow these 10 tips and you ought to have a healthier New Year. Until then, watch out for my Xmas Special recipe in a few weeks time!  Ho ho ho!

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