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Exercise During and Post Pregnancy

January 25, 2016 by Fabiola Detari in Exercise Health Personal Training Pregnancy wellbeing | 1 Comment

We all know what pregnancy is, but do we all know what exercise will make your pregnancy and childbirth a much smoother process? One set of exercises that all women – pregnant or not! – should learn to do is pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic floor is the sling of muscles that forms the base […]

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Compound exercises – Series 1 Video

October 28, 2014 by Fabiola Detari in Exercise Personal Training Weight Loss | 3 Comments

Chin-ups are the upper body squat. If you do them will lead to big strength gains and big fat loss.. Woahh! Chin-ups work more muscles than machines. What more, they also work your six -pack muscles! They also release large amounts of anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone, which leads to a leaner and […]

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