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The body reset detox – Series 3

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After indulging in some delicious summer smoothies in series 2, you are feeling renewed and energised. Why not keep on top with your detox and add  herbal tinctures to your daily routine?

Top ten herbal tinctures for assisting a daily detox

 1. Digestion. Bitter herbs stimulate the digestive system, so add gentian root to your detox if you feel your digestion is sluggish.

2. Liver. Milk thistle and dandelion both support and soothe and protect the liver, which will be working hard to get rid of toxins.

3. Bowel. Rhubarb root helps tone the colon muscles. Drinking rosehip tea, horseradish sauce, as well as a little chilli and cayenne pepper added to food will also support your bowels.

4. Immune system. The most popular immune boosting herb is Echinacea, but cats claw is safer for long-term use. This herb has anti inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties and helps balance and adjusts the immune response.

5. Lymphatic system. Poke root mops up toxins and reduces swelling in the lymph glands.

6. Kidneys. Buchu grass is an antiseptic and diuretic and helps prevent infections in the kidneys and urinary tract. It is a brilliant detoxifier because it encourages the kidneys to flush out any waste fluids. Cucumber, celery seeds, horseradish and mustard are other excellent diuretics.

7. Lungs. Coltsfoot is a good expectorant. It helps loosen up catarrh, clears toxins from the lungs and soothes damaged mucous membranes.

8. Skin. Red Clover keeps skin bright by cleaning the blood to reduce the amount of toxins released through the skin.

9. Mood. Although ginseng is not a detox herb, it’s a brilliant energy booster plus a good all round tonic for health and wellbeing.

10. Bonus herbs.  Schizandra is a perfect all round detox herb. It’s a potent antioxidant, helps break down fats and toxins in the body and is an excellent tonic for the liver, nervous, respiratory and immune systems

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