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Best Kettlebell Exercises – Part 3.

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Double arm overhead squat

When you give this kettlebell exercise a go for the first time you might feel like a human slingshot especially if you have not warmed up properly. This is more challenging than a barbell because you have 2 implements to balance.

Looking straight ahead and keeping the kettlebell locked out above, open the chest and shoulders up. The bells are way behind you and they will be your line of force.

Flex the knees and hips and squat in a bottom position, keeping your head and chest up. Pause at the bottom position for a second before rising back to the top, driving through the heels of your feet.

Kettlebell Bear Crawl over a step

Crawling is a developmental pattern and you will recall it very quickly because you are hardwired to do it. It’s a full body workout leaving you with rock solid core.

I have thrown a step in just to make it harder for you. You need a pair good of Kettlebells with FLAT bottoms. Competition Kettlebells or Volversonfitness Cast Iron kettlebells are good options.

Start with one kettlebell in each hand, legs locked out. Keep the feet wide for stability and try to prevent your hips from swaying side to side. Your feet, hips and shoulders are in line. Engage your core and keep a neutral spine position. Be sure to stay with SMALLER steps so that your shoulders stay mostly over your hands (and the bells) and keeping your back flat. Crawl forward and keep your arms locked. For every one step take 2 baby hops forward with the feet. When crawling over the step make sure you keep your legs locked out.

Creep and press

It’s a great kettlebell exercise and will send your pulse rate through the roof! Requires some coordination so if you can dance, you are on a winner.

In other words this is an alternate side squat to a snatch. Start in a side squat with the foot of lead leg pointing out while keeping the opposite leg slightly bent. On the ‘lead side’ hold the kettlebell with arm straight, while the opposite hand is holding the kettlebell in a rack position, shoulders packed.

Transfer your body weight to the opposite side and at the same time perform a snatch on the ‘other’ side ending up in the starting position. Repeat continuously, no pausing in between.

This Blog is the last part of a series; have you read Part 2 yet?

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