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Best Kettlebell Exercises – Part 2.

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These kettlebell exercises require a huge amount of concentration – no chance of you thinking of what to cook for dinner. To achieve great performance you have to combine strength and flexibility together and a lot of people have a problem with this. Try these compound exercises for working on weaknesses in one of these key areas, and to optimise the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems for maximum calorie burn.

Note: The following exercises are not for beginners and you need a basic knowledge of fitness to understand this article. Before performing any Kettlebell exercises you should start with a warm up. Flexibility is essential especially in the shoulders and upper back.

I recommend that you watch a short video on this from the master; Steve Cotter: –

Overhead Mobility Exercises

 I also recommend you to complete the whole mobility sequence before moving on to the exercises..

Snatch to back lunge

This has been very popular with my clients, however, it can throw you out of balance if your core is weak, like dancing on ice!

Start by performing the Snatch as you would do a single arm Swing – there is no difference at all because the Snatch is a modified Swing. As the kettlebell rises up over the head, do a slight corkscrew with the hand so the bell flips directly over the hand. Imagine you are putting your hand in a glove over your head. Think of a snatch as a high pull followed by a snappy punch up. Do this in one complete fluid motion. At the same time you perform a back lunge.

Note: you snatch on the same side as you do the back lunge.

Move down the swing where the kettlebell will come over the top of the hand and the entire arm will swing down between your legs. Swap hands and repeat on the other side.

Even more exciting exercises to come in a fortnight, until then, why not read Part 1?

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